Solid 316 Stainless steel

​Rust and shiny Gold, PVD Plating

Engraved back case with designers signature

Serial number

Size: 42 mm
Case thickness: 9,5 mm
Movement: Japan TMI VJ52B Quartz
Glass: Anti-reflectiv Mineral glass
Strap width: 20mm
Strap: Steel band
Date: Yes
Water resistant: 10ATM
Warranty: 2 years

Product code: 1001

Design: Kaj Ransvi

USD 440 incl TAX

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The REMINDER is a timepiece to wear every day. Reminding the person who wears it, and the people 
who sees it about the global problems we have with both polution and global warming.

The artists philosophy about the timepiece:

Case is in matt rusty finish, just as the dirty surface of the earth, underneath the rust there is gold; 
the fantastic planet we have and love! laser cutting makes the gold visible under the rusty surface.
The crown shows the globe in gold. 

Only number visible on the clock is 11, this is to remind us about that we need to make changes in our behavior, now! 
There is still time for us to make it happen, as to say in ”the eleventh hour”, displayed date are in large size, so that we are reminded of every new amazing day in life.
On each side there are reminding words, one side showing bad things for the globe and on the other side shows the good things we receive when we make the needed changes for the enviroment.


For every sold "The Reminder" we donate 25 USD to The Perfect World Foundation.


Free World Wide shipping - Free world wide returns

The Perfect World Foundation was founded in Sweden in 2010 by Ragnhild (Rags) & Lars Jacobsson after many years of work and private support of animal and nature projects in different areas around the world. Our planet and our biodiversity have faced and are facing major problems. Every year thousands of animal species is extinct due to human influences, and this eradication will eventually affect the life on earth that we are familiar with today.

The Perfect World Foundation's most important task is to prevent this development by spreading knowledge with the aim of raising awareness of these issues to prevent and reduce the impact of these changes. This spread of knowledge is focused on "common" people who are not daily reminded of this accelerating change. 70% of the world's population lives in, and adjacent to, cities and has no natural connection with animals and nature. The majority of our planet’s decision makers and actuators belong to these 70%.

The organization is not only working with knowledge-seeking activities but also tries to highlight and support animal and nature areas in crises, such as the acute situation around the extinction of our Rhinos and Elephants, killed for their horns and tusks. Even decreasing land areas for the elephants is another huge threat to the species’ survival.

In this specific work, the organization is working to raise funds to support anti- poaching teams with technical equipment, dogs, intelligence, lobbyism for law changes, the next generation leadership in current countries, campaigns to stop the demands, land security… etc.

Climate change is one of the greatest individual threats to our nature, animals, and even to all humanity. The Perfect World Foundation actively works with climate issues, a work that extends from education to the development of new technologies and support of specific vulnerable species.The Perfect World Foundation's work and opportunities to act are 100% dependent on donations and other forms of support.

The Reminder