Public name: KAJ RANSVI

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Reg No: C0208/2017
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St. John´s, Antigua, WI

Kaj Ransvi




Who is Kaj Ransvi?

Kaj Ransvi was born in Sweden in 1968, 
originating from both Sweden and Finland.

For the last 20 years he has been designing 
unique and luxurios properties, private villas, hotels and restaurants worldwide. 

Ransvi is a well known product designer, 
many of his designs have patents in both 
Europe and USA.
During Ransvi's years in the design industry, 
he has been granted some of the most 
coveted design awards in the world:

Red Dot Design Award 2012
German Design Award 2013
Interior Innovation Award 2013

Red Dot Design Award 2015

Nominee for A' Design Award 2019.

He was ranked in the top 50 throughout 
the world in his profession, his products 
are shown at design museums both in 
Germany and Singapore. 

Mr Ransvi, has been based in Antigua, West Indies for many years now.